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CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Natural dog food, herbs, supplements and treats for your best friend


Wide range of recipes & ingredients

Natural ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


British brilliance

Made with almost 100% British ingredients


We’re dog people…

Dogs have always been a part of our life


Champions in every field

Over 25 years of success in all dog sports


Need some advice?

Nicki is here to answer all your nutritional questions


Peak performance

Your dog’s health comes first


Loyal customers trust us to feed their champions from puppy to senior.

We believe in winning and the prize is a long, happy and healthy life.
Since 1998, CSJ has become one of the fastest growing dog food brands. Today, CSJ is the first choice for top dog handlers across all dog sports: agility, canicross, flyball, gundogs, heelwork to music, obedience, search & rescue, sheepdogs, show dogs, sled dogs, working trial dogs.

Dogs love our range of high-performing, effective products – kind to digestion and skin.

We work hard to keep our feeds, supplements, herbs and treats more reasonably priced than other brands. Proud to be a British based company, we use British produced, natural, high quality ingredients. Healthy recipes, free from additives and harmful chemicals. Our products don’t cost the earth, or damage it.

20 years of success in every sport

“My dogs absolutely thrive on CSJ. They are fit and healthy and adore their food.
The shine in their coat and comments from my vet about their great condition is testimony to how good CSJ is.”


“With CSJ food the dogs clear their plates really well and they’re fit,
have plenty of energy and a good shine on their coats.”


“My dogs have been fed CSJ for the last 16 years and I have no complaints.
They love the food, are full of energy and I have no plans to ever change.
Thank you CSJ!”


Need help?

Office hours 10.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday – temporary COVID-19 hours, please contact us.

Nutritional help & advice.

Nutritional help available by email only.
Contact Nutrition Enquiries.

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